How to sever your joint tenancy

How to sever your joint tenancy

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For most people, their land is their most valuable asset. So, it is fundamental that it is dealt with properly in your Will. We offer two important services in this respect.

When dealing with land in your Will, you will come across the terms ‘joint tenants’ and ‘tenants in common’. The important distinction is that joint tenants cannot pass their rights in a property, because the surviving joint owners continue to own the property together.

To prevent this, we can sever your joint tenancy for just £150 so you can pass your rights in the property to whoever you wish.

Section 12 of the online Will writing form prompts you to provide any further questions or information you would like to add. Here is the perfect opportunity to tell us that you wish to sever your joint tenancy.

Alternatively, you can simply get in touch with us directly by calling 01865 507174 or emailing us at and our team will be more than happy to help you.

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