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Plan ahead and protect your future with a lasting power of attorney (LPA).
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How much does it cost to make an LPA?

Our competitive prices start at just £150 – more than 50% cheaper than the average provider.

LPA Services Pricing

Advice Services

Make Your LPA Services

LPA Bonus Services

Want to make a single LPA or both LPAs? You can make these online or over the telephone with us:


Over the Telephone

Couples Discount

If you and your spouse both wish to complete an LPA, then we have further discounts. 

If you each would like a single LPA, the price will be as though it is two LPAs for one person. 

If you each would like both LPAs, then you will receive a £150 discount.

Did You Know? You Can Save Over £100 Compared to the Average Provider When You Make Your Lasting Powers of Attorney With Us

Our priority is protecting your family and your future.

Just Want to Know More so You Can Do It Yourself?

There are many risks in writing your LPA by yourself if you have unusual or specific requirements. Otherwise, you do not need a lawyer to help you make an LPA.  

We offer an ‘Advice’ service to help you gain more understanding on how to make your LPA above and beyond what any article or free guide can offer you. 

Rather Have a Qualified Professional Make Your LPA?

If, after receiving the Advice service, you feel that making your own LPA by yourself may seem too much, that is absolutely fine. 

We will give you a 10% discount if you want to make your LPA with us – whether that be the Financial LPA or the Health and Welfare LPA.

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