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We will help you structure your estate to protect your wealth for the future, provide for your loved ones, and minimise tax.
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Planning your estate is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Planning your estate is as easy as


Book Your Appointment

You can complete the Request a Call Back form or call us to schedule a Telephone or Home Visit Will appointment with your estate planner on a time and day which suits you.

You will then receive a booking confirmation email, outlining the appointment time and date, the process involved and your Instructions Preparation Guide.


Discuss your estate

When taking instructions for your Will, your estate planner will discuss your property and assets to give you an overview of how inheritance tax will apply to your estate on death.

At this stage, your estate planner will highlight whether further inheritance tax planning is a necessity or whether it could be genuinely useful to speak with a financial advisor given some of the assets you own.


Make your plan

If you require inheritance tax planning or wish to get more support, your estate planner will connect you to a trusted and friendly financial advisor.

They will then work closely with you to learn your financial goals and intentions, to formulate a plan which suits you and your family.

Ready to get started...

Write my Will online

Confused about getting started? Here is a useful checklist to show you what you need to know, before writing a Will.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our comprehensive Wills guide, where you can find everything you need to know about writing a Will.

Why choose A.D.E Wills

  • A Dedicated Service

    You can expect a personal level of care, guidance and expertise in each tailored service we provide to you.

  • Expert Advice Over the Phone

    We explain the process clearly to you to make everything straightforward and stress-free.

  • Leave your Legacy

    Outline how you want people to benefit, whether they be family, friends or even charities.

  • Transparent and Honest

    All our services and charges are based on integrity and so never include any hidden costs or “extras”.

  • A Personal Touch

    Our team works around your schedule and our services are tailored to your needs.

  • Easy to Get Started

    We always offer a free initial consultation to understand your needs and best to advise you.

Holistic planning

Our team recognises that estate planning is not an isolated endeavor; it is an integral part of your overall financial well-being.

By collaborating with friendly and professional financial advisors, we can help provide you with a holistic financial plan that seamlessly integrates your estate goals with your broader financial objectives.

How do I begin to plan my estate?

Estate Planning

Gain more control over your future:

•  Will Writing

•  Lasting Power of Attorney

•  Will Discretionary Trust

•  Life Interest Trust

•  Care Home Planning

•  Probate & Estate Administration 

•  Funeral Plans

Financial Planning

Ensure your assets work harder for you, improving the quality of life for you and your family: 

•  Inheritance Tax Planning

•  Pensions

•  Retirement Planning 

•  Savings & ISAs

•  Investment Planning 

•  Life Insurance & Family Protection

Tax-efficient strategies

When we take instructions, we offer advice on how we can take advantage of tax reliefs and exemptions by passing assets in certain ways in your Will.

Our network of financial advisors can help mitigate inheritance tax liabilities. By leveraging their insights and understanding of tax, they can suggest suitable strategies to reduce the tax burden on your estate and loved ones.

This proactive approach ensures that more of your hard-earned assets are preserved for your beneficiaries, maximising the impact of your legacy.

The financial planning journey

20-30 Years Old
Living life and enjoying yourself does not mean you cannot and should not plan for the future. In fact, this is the best time to get started to ensure your money works hard for you in life, and not the other way around.
20-30 Years Old
The most suitable steps commonly include Savings & ISAs, Investment Planning and Retirement Planning.
30-60 Years Old
Getting married, having children or buying a home can often occur in this part of our lives. With such important assets and responsibilities, it is natural that you would want the best for your family and to safeguard your future as well as theirs.
30-60 Years Old
The most suitable steps commonly include Life Insurance and Protection, a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorneys.
60 years old and above
With retirement and a new lease of life, it is important to make arrangements for how you want your estate managed on your passing. Effective planning makes it easier on your loved ones and gives you more control over how you want your assets handled.
60 years old and above
The most suitable steps commonly include considering Probate & Estate Administration, Inheritance Tax planning and Care Home Fees planning.
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Integrated estate solutions

By enjoying strong connections with experienced financial advisors, our team can offer you an integrated approach to estate planning.

These collaborations enable us to consider not only the legal aspects of your estate but also the financial implications and potential tax-saving strategies.

This synergy ensures that your estate plan is well-rounded, addressing all relevant financial aspects and optimising your assets to meet your specific goals.

Protect the people and causes you love

We are a proud member of the Remember A Charity Campaign Supporter Scheme. We help to discuss charitable giving with our Will writing clients.

Personalised plans, informed decisions

Our network of trusted financial advisors brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to your plan.

With their assistance, our estate planners can provide you with personalised advice based on your unique financial situation and goals.

From investment opportunities to retirement planning, their objective guidance will help you make well-informed decisions, ensuring your estate plan aligns with your long-term financial vision.

Did you know...

Your spouse or civil partner would not automatically be able to deal with your bank account and pensions, and make decisions about your healthcare, if you lose the ability to do so.

They need an LPA to have the authority to do so.

Call us today on 01865 507174 to get protected.

Lifelong financial support

Your estate is just the beginning of your financial journey. 

Our connections to financial advisors mean you will have access to ongoing support and monitoring. As your life circumstances evolve, your financial goals may change too.

The financial advisors in our network can adapt and refine your plan accordingly, ensuring it remains relevant and effective throughout the various stages of your life.

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