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Storing a Will is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Send us your Will

Once you have signed your Will, post it back to our team and we will place it in our Fireproof Storage Cabinet. 


Keep your copy

As part of your storage subscription, we will provide you with a password-protected version for you to keep and share with your executors. 

This way you can access your Will safely and easily whenever you wish.


Receive reminders to review

As part of your storage subscription, we will get in touch with you annually, to ask if your Will needs updating. 

Once you tell us of any changes that are needed, we can update your Will accordingly and send out a draft version for you to review with a Clause Clarification Guide. 

Once confirmed, we will then post your new Will to you with a downloadable Signing Guide. 

Ready to get started...

online will writing services

Wondering how a Legacy Care Plan is cost-effective? Here is a useful guide to demonstrate how.

Want to know more?

Take a look at our Legacy Care Plan Overview, which explains how you can effortlessly keep your legacy safe, accessible and up-to-date.

Protecting your wishes

The original version of your signed Will is the most important version to keep safe. If it cannot be found after death, it is presumed by law to have been destroyed with the intention of revoking it.

Whether you are moving house, living in rented accommodation, do not have a personal filing system in place, or worried about other people looking for and finding your Will, we have a solution for you. You can send us your signed Will and we will place it in our organised fireproof cabinet. 

Why choose A.D.E Wills

  • Fast and Easy to Use

    Just follow our simple step-by-step form and you can have your Will completed in minutes.

  • Safe and Certified

    We are proud members of The Society of Will Writers so you can rest assured your Will is made to a professional standard.

  • Appoint Guardians for Your Kids and Pets

    Relax in the comfort and knowledge that your loved ones will always be looked after.

  • A Dedicated Service

    You can expect a personal level of care and expertise in each service we provide.

  • Competitive Fixed Fees

    Our competitive prices start at just £175 - saving you over £100 compared to solicitors on the high street.

  • Be Remembered Through the Legacies You Leave

    Outline how you want people to benefit, whether they be family, friends or even charities.

Easy access at all times

We will keep the original version of your Will safe for you. Too often we see people with Wills stored elsewhere and no easy access to review their Will. 

We provide you with a password-protected version so that you can regularly access your Will, and ensure it is in line with your current wishes. 

If you lose this copy, we will simply send you a new copy.

Storage Plans

Our Storage Plans are billed annually at the monthly rates.

Receive regular reminders

We will get in touch with you periodically to ask if your circumstances have changed and advise you on whether you need to update your Will. 

If you do need to update your Will, then we will set up a call with you to discuss the changes you wish to make. We can then produce your updated Will for you to sign.

online will writing service

Making probate easier

Your Will outlines the instructions you wish your executors to follow when administering your estate during probate. It is essential that they have access to your Will at the material time. 

Share our contact details with your executors. When needed, they simply contact our team and we will pass your Will to them, once they have shown us the death certificate and appropriate ID. 

Want easy Will updates at a discount?

Our Legacy Care Plans offer a highly cost-effective and seamless way of keeping your Will safe and up-to-date, whilst ensuring that you receive the level of support, guidance and help to suit your specific needs.  

online will writing service

Is a Legacy Care Plan really more cost-effective?

Our Legacy Care Plans have been carefully designed to make storing and updating your Will much more effortless, accessible and affordable. 

Read our guide below to see exactly how your Plan allows you to store and update your Will with ease, all at a discount. 

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