How to convert a Tenancy in Common into a Joint Tenancy

How to convert a Tenancy in Common into a Joint Tenancy

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A Joint Tenancy can offer advantages in bypassing probate administration. You need the agreement of all the other joint owners to change from being tenants in common to joint tenants.

A Declaration of Trust may need to be prepared in addition to Forms which must be submitted to the Land Registry.

Our experienced team will advise you accordingly and prepare all the necessary documents to achieve the outcome you desire.

Severing a Joint Tenancy

The opposite to converting a Tenancy in Common to a Joint Tenancy is to sever a Joint Tenancy, so that it becomes a Tenancy in Common.

There are potential benefits of being tenants in common in certain situations. 

Joint tenants cannot pass their rights in a property, because the surviving joint owners continue to own the property together.

To prevent this, we can sever your joint tenancy so you can pass your rights in the property to whoever you wish.

It is common for property co-owners to not know how they co-own their property. We can help you find out in a very quick and simple service

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