How to include a trust in your Will

How to include a trust in your Will

A.D.E Wills provides a comprehensive Will writing service to cover all the essentials to ensure all your wishes are included effectively in your Will.

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Our Wills team go above and beyond for each client because they love to help. We know that a Will is personal and unique to each individual. But we also believe strongly in fixed fee services and no hidden fees.

You may wish for your house to pass to your kids, but still want your partner to have a right to live there.

Or, you may not know exactly how to share out your property amongst certain people and would rather leave this for your executors to decide.

In these circumstances, a trust is needed in your Will.

We can write your Will with a life interest trust for only £175, a discretionary trust for only £225 or both trusts in your Will for only £375.

These prices include the £125 for your Will.

When you are writing your Will online with us, Section 11 of the online Will writing form prompts you to provide any further questions or information you would like to add. Here is the perfect opportunity to tell us that you wish to include a trust in your Will.

Our Will writing team will review your instructions and if a trust is required, they will notify you as soon as possible and discuss this with you.

You can get in touch with us directly by calling 01865 507174 or emailing us at and our team will be more than happy to help you.


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