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What are prepaid funeral plans and are they worth it?

What are prepaid funeral plans and are they worth it?

How do prepaid funeral plans work? What are the pros and cons of a prepaid funeral plan? What happens if you don’t have a prepaid funeral plan?

This article outlines how a prepaid funeral plan works and how it can protect your loved ones and your wishes.

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A prepaid funeral plan allows you to plan ahead by paying for your funeral in advance, at today’s prices.

Many people find comfort in knowing that when the time comes, their family will be protected from unexpected funeral costs, and that all decisions for the funeral have already been made.

•  What is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

Are there alternatives to a funeral plan?

What is a Prepaid Funeral Plan?

A funeral plan is the best way to arrange your funeral in advance, whilst safeguarding loved ones from rising funeral costs.

While funeral costs are rising faster than inflation, purchasing a funeral plan fixes the cost of the funeral at today’s prices by letting you pay for your funeral in advance.

You can take control of the unexpected, setting out the arrangements and limiting the costs by paying for the services included in the funeral plan upfront. It’s practical, sensible and should be an essential part of your end-of-life financial planning.

Funeral plans also allow you to make special requests and wishes for the funeral, such as music or readings, to ensure your loved ones arrange the funeral that you want, when the time comes.

Are there alternatives to a funeral plan?

Some people consider over 50s life insurance policies, ISAs or savings accounts to cover the cost of their funeral. However, these can prove unreliable in covering funeral costs as they do not take into account the rising cost of funerals.

You could also end up paying in much more than you would be paid out – which in turn could lead to further funds being needed when the time comes, putting stress and burden on your loved ones.

For total reassurance for yourself and your family, a funeral plan could be the most practical choice.

How can we help?

We work alongside a team of financial experts who work with some of the UK’s largest and most reputable funeral providers to give you complete confidence and flexible payment options so you have the option to suit you.

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